Analyzing Tlc's Song I Feel Pretty/Unpretty

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The song I Feel Pretty/ Unpretty by TLC demonstrates the spectrum of what beauty can mean. This song mainly focuses on physical and mental beauty. I found it interesting how the song said “You can buy your hair if it won't grow/ You can fix your nose if he says so...” telling their audience that it is alright to be insecure about your physical attributes; and if you feel the need to cover up those insecurities, you can. Usually, other songs focussing on physical beauty tell their audience not to change or cover up their imperfections; however, TLC states that it is acceptable to do so. I also found it interesting that TLC decided to talk about both the physical and mental aspects of beauty in I Feel Pretty/Unpretty. Generally, a song would merely be about one’s external beauty or intellectual beauty, however, these two aspects never seem to be combined into one song. TLC did an excellent job of bringing together these two facets stating “You can buy all the makeup/ That M.A.C. can make/ But if you can't look inside you/Find out who am I too…” These lines explain that ancillary objects such as makeup can make you feel pretty on the outside, but it is also beneficial if your internal being reciprocates the feeling of self-love and confidence. I really appreciated the fact that this song brought together different definitions of…show more content…
The title of the poem establishes the tone immediately. The odd choice of the verb “walks” instead of “lives” or “exists” carries a different shade of meaning. Walking is a common activity which implies a sense of tranquility and casualness. This verb suggests that this woman is simple and her beauty extends into her internal aspects (everything she does, say, believe, values, and loves is all a part of that beauty) which the poet adores. Solely from the title of poem, the tone of serenity and admiration is evident. The tone is maintained throughout She Walks in
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