Analyzing Two Habits Foundational to Effectiveness

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According to Steven Covey, there are 7 Habits which are foundational to effectiveness. He argues that the Habits listed under these three areas are universal, akin to the Laws of Physics, and that anyone following them will move toward greater effectiveness. This review will look at the first two habits, Be Proactive & Begin with the End in Mind, to examine whether the Habits can, in themselves, restore ineffective people to effective living. The review will study Covey’s premises from the perspective of Biblical worldview and personal life experience to show that while they can be helpful for healthy adults, it does not take either psychological wounds or the spiritual realm into account when addressing effectiveness. A daunting…show more content…
It merely shows what emotionally healthy and spiritually free effective people have done to get where they are. Covey’s Be Proactive habit does have strong Biblical elements. Jesus’s teaching on The Good Samaritan also shows us to take action when we see something that needs to be done. He also left his disciples and us with the clear commands to be active in taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Though there are Biblical overtones to the Be Proactive Habit, Covey’s book has stripped those truths of some of their power by not taking into account the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. This comes clear when we read Mason (2007), a self-confessed Atheist, who suggests that we “skip over the god-bits and focus on ethics” (p.1). Covey has written in such a way as to make the book marketable to the ‘healthy’ people, and in so doing helps them continue to seek ‘god-less’ ways to live their lives. Though this may make their years on earth more effective, one day those readers will face judgment and find that they have totally failed in the most important life mission. This subtle use of God’s universal principles, while ignoring the core truths, is a continuation of the deception Satan used to blind Mormons like Covey. Even if the Be Proactive habit does offer benefits to those who are healthy enough to practice them, the effectiveness Covey describes is void of any eternal good when we consider
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