Ancient Civilization

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All ancient civilisations were very well developed. Discuss.

It is evident that most aspects of life in ancient civilisations were well developed. Many aspects of society in Ancient Greece were very advanced. Ancient Egypt was a very advanced civilisation in many different parts of life. Ancient Chinese culture, entertainment and architecture were all well developed, as well as numerous other things.

Many aspects of Ancient Greek society were well developed. Ancient Greek religion was very advanced, with many gods and goddesses. All the gods and goddesses represented, or were god of something, for example, Poseidon was god of the sea, storms, earthquakes and horses. They had many myths and legends about gods with morals to teach lessons and some to explain things, and some are still told. To the Greeks, worshiping the gods was a part of daily life. Huge temples and structures were built to honour the gods, which remain today. Architecture in ancient Greece was very advanced, with many incredibly well built and designed buildings and sculptures, with some remaining to his day. An aspect of Ancient Greek architecture that has continued to be used today is columns. Columns were used in many structures, providing strength and stability. An example of a building from ancient Greece that used columns is the Parthenon, a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, which still stands today. The ancient Greeks were the first known civilization to have a democracy, this shows that

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