And Then There Were None Mystery

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What would you do if you were lured to an island by someone claiming to be an old friend, or sent to complete a job? One by one someone is murdered. The murderer is one of the ten people among you, and as one person dies that’s one less person who is guilty. Would you be the person who takes charge? The one who goes insane? Or would you lie low and hope noone notices you? In the book And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, the main mystery elements used were: main conflict, setting, characterization, and the author’s techniques of giving clues.
The main conflict in the story is person versus person, or the murders of the ten people who were apparently murdered because they were guilty of a crime themselves. Everyone is killed in a certain way, by the lyrics of a nursery rhyme hung in their bedrooms. (31). On the centerpiece of the dining table there are ten indian boys, everyone thought it was very clever since the name of the island they were staying on was Indian Island. That was until they realized each indian boy represented one of them and as one person died one indian boy was taken off the centerpiece. (74) …show more content…

And what events in life lead him to do this extreme crime. “I must- I must- I must - commit a murder”! Wargrave wanted to commit a murder that was theatrical impossible, and one out of the common. (263) The order of death he took into special thought and care, the ones whose guilt was the lightest he carried out first, and not suffer the mental strain and fear that the cold-blooded murderers were to suffer. (268) The manuscript in my opinion was necessary because it made me think back to when I read the part of the book and put together all of the clues, and made me question who I thought was the murderer at that time of the book. But throughout the book the author left clues that after I read the manuscript all made

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