Andrew Jackson And Theadore Roosevelt Essay

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Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt were two men with very many things in common. They both were Presidents in the United States of America at some point in time. They each have served many years as some sort of governor with Jackson being the military governor of Florida and Roosevelt being the governor of New York. Roosevelt and Jackson were major influences towards this country. But even with those similarities between them they were two men with differences. One was a big military man while the other was an author with eighteen books written and a few other attributes. All of these are just a few examples of how important these men were and how their related or not. The main similarity between Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt …show more content…

Roosevelt’s most famous foreign policy was definitely the Panama Canal. Roosevelt created the National Bird Preserve. He was the president that had set aside land for some national parks and natural preserves. Theodore Roosevelt had strongly promoted the Conservation Movement. Things pertaining to Andrew Jackson were he was the very first president associated with the actual frontier. Another unique occurrence during Andrew Jackson’s term was how for the first time the United States Federal Government had managed to actually repay the totality of the federal debt and it was also the only time in the U.S.history that this has ever occurred. Opposite of Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson was a leader of the Democratic Party. Andrew Jackson was the man that implemented the Treaty of Rotation. Another treaty that Jackson was involved with was the Treaty of Fort Jackson. He had imposed the Treaty of Fort Jackson upon both the Northern and Southern Creek Allies. He was very highly nominated by Tennessee not just once but twice for him to become president. Jackson also took away the Federal Charter of the second bank of the United States. He was the man who was responsible for the Panic of 1837. As well as the man who had nullified the Force Bill. Lastly Jackson went and administrated the Treaty of New Echota. Both Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt were men that had at least a little or

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