Animal Cruelty

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The rate at which animal cruelty occurs is at an alarming 71% in the United States according to ASPCA. Every 60 seconds, another animal is abused by a caretaker. Overall, cruelty encompasses neglect, abuse, abandonment, sexual abuse of animals and animal fighting. Due to efforts by organizations such as PETA, ASPCA, HSUS in educating and providing awareness to the topic of animal cruelty, many more individuals have become more aware of their actions against animals. In conjunction with these listed organizations, states such as Maryland have adopted legislation to help combat animal cruelty and serve as advocates for animals. The three most rigorous forms of animal abuse that need to be tackled are as followed, neglect, hoarding, and …show more content…

Nonetheless, this poses the threat of these animals falling prey to salvation because they are considered very vulnerable is such conditions. In addition to the various dangerous practices that are done by many pet owners is hoarding. Hoarding is when an owner has the possession of an abnormal amount of animals, and therefore, is unable to provide the animals with the proper care of food, shelter, and veterinary care. This is detrimental because it puts these animals in dangerous risk for their health and well-being. Sadly, these types of individuals are in denial about their incapability of providing the animals with the minimum care that they need. Within the hoarding umbrella are the three branches, overwhelmed caregiver, rescuer hoarder, and exploiter hoarder. An overwhelmed caregiver is referred to as a hoarder that initially provides the necessary essentials for animals, are alert and aware of a gradual problem but chose to overlook it, very likely to be socially isolated and attribute that to changes that their condition, and their is a correlation between their self-esteem and caregiver skills. Studies have demonstrated that hoarding can be the root to various human issues such as psychiatric and neurological. Furthermore, the rescuer hoarder is one who develops a compulsion based on the strong desire of wanting to help rescue animals. However, this situation becomes harmful when the caregiver develops the mentality that

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