Animal Experimentation : Animal Cruelty

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Research Essay: Animal Experimentation

An innocent baby animal is ripped from its mothers arms and dragged by its neck after being locked up in a cold, lonely cellar on its way to the experimentation room where scientists will stick a variety of needles filled with possibly deadly medicine into its delicate skin. In a laboratory a ways down the street is another baby animal being tranquilized with a numbing gun in order for the animals to be tested with no pain gently lifted from its cage filled with toys. It is then brought into a room of highly trained scientists where they will experiment on the animal in no way harming it. Animals experimentation is often defined as using animals to test the safety of products made for cures, treatments, or everyday use through developmental projects (Dictionary.Com). It is a way for scientists to receive data for human beings that may be hurtful or helpful but either way must be found through the use of animals. Millions of animals are used in experiments every single year and has been a practice all the way back to 500 B.C. There is believed to be no other alternative way to receive such spot on results, however, there is a problem that seems to rise across our nation which is whether animals experimentation and testing should be allowed or rejected in the scientific laboratories ( As scientist continually use animals in their medical research, a major debate about the pros and cons of the unsolved issue is looked to…
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