Animal Experimentation Vs Animal Testing

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Animal Testing Vs. Medical Research Animal experiments happen all over the world, but are they necessary? People have different feelings for animals; many looks upon animals as companions while others view animals as a means for advancing medical techniques or furthering experimental research. Some say that these experiments are not painful, so they are justified. Where others believe that all these experiments are inhumane, and nothing can justify torturing and killing innocent animals. Although animal testing helps in improving human health by leading to medical advancements, there is no need to physically and psychologically torture innocent animals because studies show that testing on human cells gives better results. Animal …show more content…

According to Stokstad, due to recent technologies, animal testing is becoming more humane every day. The experiments are being carried out by advance telemetry sensors, using imaging techniques, stem cell research, and the new DNA chips. All these instruments and methods are developed to reduce the suffering, and physical pain that the previous methods cause the animals. Telemetry sensors are now being developed smaller and cheaper, so the potential blood pressure drug can be manufactured, and smaller size will ensure that the mice won’t suffer one its implanted. The imaging technique is developed to keep track of an animal’s physiology, so it can monitor infections and tumor growth without performing surgeries (3-6). Even though scientists are trying to find new methods and technologies to minimize the physical and mental suffering an animal goes through these experiments, they should look for alternative methods for medical research. The Biomedical research is violating animal’s rights. Animals have right to be treated respectfully. They are like people in a lot of ways, for instance, they have thoughts, feelings, and sensations. They are sensitive like humans, and they have nervous system like humans which response to pain just like a human being’s nervous system does (Singer 123). Many people believe that animal testing is justified because the animals are sacrificed to make products safer for human use

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