Animal Farm Old Major Analysis

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Old Major is a twelve year old boar with a wise and benevolent appearance. He feels that it is his duty to pass on his wisdom to the other animals before he dies. Old Major is the speaker of a speech he makes in the novel Animal Farm. In his speech he argued the idea that men are the enemies of the animals. Old Major’s purpose is to convey the idea that the only way for the animals to get justice is to form a rebellion. Old Major adopts a serious tone in order to convince the animals that the only way to get justice from the enemies is to rebel against them.
Old Major begins his speech by recognizing that before he dies his job is to pass on his wisdom into the other animals in the farm. To prove that he has qualifications in saying this, he states, “I have had much time for thought as I lay alone in my stall” (5). He says this in order to prove that he has had many hours to think and put his thoughts in order. This sharing of emotion creates a serious tone that elaborates how the animals need to receive this wisdom before Old Major is no longer with them. Old Major, the speaker, of a speech made in the novel Animal Farm believes that before his death, his comrades need to obtain his knowledge on the nature of life.
Furthermore, Old Major shifts his topic in the middle of the speech by claiming that men are the enemies of the animals. He argues that humans are evil when he states, “Why then do we continue in this miserable condition? Because nearly the whole of the

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