Animal Persuasive Speech

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According to the Humane Society, ten to twenty million dogs are killed each year for food in China. It’s heartbreaking to see skinned dogs in cages, or being cooked in large vats. The infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival is protested by millions in China and around the globe, signing petitions online and protesting in the streets—but there is another massacre occurring that practically isn’t spoken of. This year, in the U.S alone, we will pay for 9 billion innocent cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens to be murdered in the same ways for us to buy in our supermarkets, at our restaurants, and even in our school cafeterias. How do we stop this horror? Unlike gun control or health care, this problem doesn’t need years of debate to be solved. We don’t need politicians or millions in campaign donations. The power is up to us. It could end tomorrow—because when “we stop buying, they stop dying” (Unknown). For the billions of animals and for our environment, every one of us needs to leave animals and animal products off our plate. What is the difference between a golden retriever and a pig? A siamese cat with her kittens and a mother cow with her calves? We need to shine a spotlight on this double standard, that some animals need to be loved and others should be on our dinner tables. The truth is that there is no difference, besides the fact that we were raised this way. From the time we were born, the world has conditioned us to believe that it’s normal to eat the way we do. Most of us

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