Animal Research Arguments

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Animal research is a controversial topic that has polarized the public as we know it. It has created a whole sector of social activism in American and in multiple parts of the world that is dedicated to put a complete halt to this form of research, but if it on their terms. When we analyze the benefits and the cost the argument to continue animal research clearly outweigh halting animal research. Animal research has allowed for the creation of multitude medical advances not only for human being, but for animals as well. Also, researchers have developed many techniques to minimize the pain of animals. To begin with, researcher understand that the usage of animals in research should be taken with delicate care and consideration. That is why “before any animal is tested a Home Office License to conducted animal research has been acquired” (Ethical Guidelines for Conducting Research). To get a Home Office License researcher go through a pain-staking process of having their experiment be teared apart and their credentials being questioned. Most individuals cannot even imagine that researcher go through this because when they are asked most are “not familiar with the ethical guidelines and strict federal, state, and local regulations [that] govern the care and use of animals in research” (Bennett). So, to allude to researchers not being compassionate towards animals is a fallacy. In addition, researchers and scientists have started using “The three Rs” (Bbc). These

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