Reasons To Stop Animal Testing In The United States

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In the United States over 100 million animals are use for animal testing they treat them in a cruel way. However, these creatures suffer many damages and the problem is that they cannot defend themselves and if we still consuming products that includes animal testing this plague is never going to end. Some of the main reasons why we should stop buying products that they use animals for testing are because of the physical pain they cause to the animal, animals’ rights are violated when they use them for research and, the mental damage you cause to the animal if they survive.
In the first place, the physical pain you cause to the animal goes above than a hundred. Most of these animals die because of the several damages they suffered when they are tested. According to The International Association for the Study of Painan pain is an “unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage” that means that every time you feel something bothering your body and it gives you an unpleasant time is caused by pain. In other words, these poor animals suffer pain every time they are going to be testing by some product. More than a hundred animals are poisoned and getting …show more content…

Animals and people are kinda the same because they feel, experience pain and think. Making researches on them is a way to violated their rights because they do not have any choice at all. They are constantly in pain and it causes permanent damages and all because they do not have someone who can defend them. It is important to take action and let people know the rights of the animals that they deserve the same as humans and just because they do not talk we are going to take their rights. Some people agree that because they are unable to talk they do not feel but they are wrong because it is worst their pain silently because they cannot defend

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