Essay on Animal Research Bill

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H.R ___


Representative Julie-Ann Catungal introduced the following bill which we referred to the Committee on __________. Animal Testing Bill
Section One:
This bill will set rules to any make-up company creating cosmetic products for humans. Companies who create the make-up must have the product tested on animals before testing on humans.

Section Two:
Congress hereby finds and declares that cosmetics has been flawed because of it’s lack of sufficient research. In order to fulfill an efficient research (synonym), cosmetic companies should undergo animal testing. Products created by the company should first go through animal research, if it does not cause problems it then shall …show more content…

Animal experiments have helped us better the lives of humans. If we test medicines and cosmetics on animals we can first ensure the safety of it, before the product being tested on humans.

While many people think we are using animals to benefit ourselves, these experiments are also benefiting animals. When we use animals for research, people should know that it is not just benefitting us but it is really helping improve the life expectancy of an an animal and future as well. Animals are living better because of animal research. Pets and livestocks are living more comfortable. More than 90 medications developed for humans are used to treat pets, farm animals and wildlife. A number of medical treatments and vaccines used to treat animals were originally developed for humans through animal research. If vaccines were not tested on animals, animals could have died from rabies, feline leukemia, infectious hepatitis virus, tetanus, anthrax, and canine parvovirus.

Animal research has helped improve lives for both humans and animals.Animals research can help improve the scientific, medical, and cosmetic research for the future. With the help of animal research, we help better the lives of the future people and animals. If we test any products such as medicines and make-up on animals first, we can ensure the

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