Animal Testing : Cosmetics

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Animal Testing: Cosmetics According to People for the Ethnic Treatment of Animals (PETA) over 100 million of animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, dogs, primates an other kinds of species are tested on each year. Cosmetics companies say it’s a necessity, but in reality it is not there are other ways of testing, such as artificial testing. Some companies saw the error of their ways and they turned away and did other things. It is wrong to test on animals it effects them in many different ways. In 1933 a woman used a mascara by the brand Lash Lure Mascara and when she used it and the product caused her eyes to become irritated and burn and soon after the experience she went completely blind, it had not been tested on for public safety. There was a lot of concern due to the serious injury and it lead to the product being inspected so it can become safer so the public can use it. A few years later in 1938 a law was created The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) was passed so products can be tested. The act gave responsibility to the federal government to oversee the making of the product that is going to be used by consumers. While the cosmetics are under this act, it only gives the federal government the capability to categorize the products without having to regulate them. The regulation of cosmetic products is the manufacturer's responsibility, that is to say that a cosmetic company is in charge of how they want to establish the safety of their product.

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