Animals Are Innocent Persuasive Speech

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The latest concerns for the warming of the earth have been put to an end, as recent environmentalist have confirm the melting of the ice has nothing to do with the overgrowing population, but the increase in wildlife. Reports from around the globe have all establish a virus has been going around and increasing the hormones in animals of all species; from the tiny red ants prowling around underground to the elephants through stampeding in the jungles, causing them to reproduce at a faster rate. It is neither the landfills nor the constant human urge to cut down rainforests to build homes to house the next billion generations. The problems are the greedy animals that choose to continue to breathe among our planet. The question now arising is how will the world save their already dying planet? Will they let nature takes it course and have the survival of the fittest or will the people choose to terminate the inhumane animals that dare to walk on the very ground they were evolved from?
Environmentalist Li Yu-oh voices his plan to, “send those filthy vultures [the animals] to Mars, where they will become the Martians’ problem!” Many of the top Environmentalists agree with Li Yu-oh, stating it is
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His name is John Smith and he think, “animals are innocent” and it is the “people on Earth who are destroying the planet.” He feels that the citizens of Earth need to “stop having babies and causing harm to the planet”, along with his ridiculous idea to, “save the endanger animals” and emplace a law where “every country and nation, along with each and every one its citizens” have to start reducing their pollution in the world. A range of feedback has been reported, all of them negative, ranging from “the stupidest idea I have ever heard” to “That boy aint gots no brain up in head. He ought to be put in an asylum for that.” John is no on the run from a mob attempting to end his life, may the animals save his
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