Animation Is Too Complex And Real

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Animation is a display of a sequence of still images that illusions the picture is moving, and has

been used in education (Harrison and Hummell, 20). There are pros and cons to having animation being

used educationally. Having animation involved in education can aid children or/and adults learn

procedures and lessons that are being taught to them. There is proof that animation has helped people

learn in and out of the classroom. Using animation is favorable for the education world, however for

some people it doesn 't assist them in learning what is being taught to them. Animation should be

applied in education.

Animation is easy to understand and simple while some people say that it 's the exact opposite. People say that animation is too complex and real to the point it 's ununderstandable(Clark). Henry L.

Harrison and Laura J. Hummell, who are college professors in animation and education, said that

animation has helped students visualize a variety of complex processes. (p 21) We see animation used

everyday wheater we realize it or not and it does help people visual see hard processes. The evidence is

where a teacher is trying to explain to a class of girls about periods and none of the young girls are

understanding what the teacher is talking about. Then the teacher decides to play a video that helps the

girls understand what is the teacher is talking about. After the video the girls have a clearer idea and

more curious. When a teacher or…
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