Anita Moorjani 's Traditional Hindu Heritage

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Anita Moorjani did not have your typical upbringing. She was of Indian decent and her family was of traditional Hindu heritage, but Anita grew up in Hong Kong with a British education. Growing up, her closest friend was her family’s servant and her nanny Ah Fong who taught her Cantonese and Chinese culture. Her friends at school spoke English and practiced British customs. She spoke three languages, cultures and ways of life but always had a hunger for more. At the same time this left her very confused about who she was and where she fit in. She loved her family and never wanted to be a problem for them yet she couldn’t follow the Hindu customs. A big turning point for her was after her parents picked a suitable groom and she was unable to …show more content…

Anita set out to find a cure in India. She spent 6 months there where a yoga master gave her a strict regimen to follow of a diet, herbal remedies, and yoga. He believed in keeping the body balance and ridding your body of the bad. When Anita told him he had cancer, he responded “Cancer is just a word that creates fear. Forget about that word, and let’s just focus on balancing your body. All illness are just symptoms of imbalance. No illness can remain when your entire system is in balance” (pg 50). From this point forward, Anita focused on balancing her body and life.
The cancer metastasized throughout her entire body and sent her to the hospital where she was near death. During her near death experience (NDE) she was able to see those who have passed on such as her father and Soni, and learned of the purpose of life. She describes it as a tapestry where each life is woven together with a purpose. From this, she learned her life is not yet over and she will be healed. Days after she wakes up, the doctors are flabbergasted to learn that her cancer is nowhere to be found. She knows she is healed as she now has balance.

Feeling Helpless:
Cancer is an ugly disease and can cause ugly emotions, fears, and issues. Not only does the patient have to cope worry and stress of the new diagnosis as well as their family but also with the treatments for the illness and the side effects that they brings on as well. “These effects contribute to

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