Anne Frank And The Holocaust

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Slide One - In 1933, Anne Frank and her family left Germany as the war had become unsafe for them to be Jews in Germany. The family fled to Amsterdam and lived a normal, quiet life. Otto Frank, Anne’s father had worked in a bank in Germany but after moving, he opened his own company called “Opekta” where he sold spices. Both Anne and Margot went to school while their Mother Edith took care of the home. As the war progressed,becoming worse, the Frank family tried to emigrate to England or the United States of America, but all attempts failed. Slide Two - Seven year later, after moving to the Netherlands the German army invaded. As the invasion happened, laws and legations against the Jews came into force. Anne and her family were not allowed to take any form of transport. Anne and Margot could only attend a school for Jews and when they walked anywhere they had to wear a star with the words Jew on it on their sleeve. All Jews had a curfew. This is a certain time when and when not they could be out at a friend’s house or out in the streets. Once again the family tried to emigrate to the United States of America but failed again causing the Frank Family to go into hiding. They weren’t the only people in hiding in the location they were in. They shared a small, hidden annex apartment with another family of three and one single person. Over the next month, the family gave most of their belongings to friends for safe keeping and sent boxes to the hidden annex The family were

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