Anne Frank Book Analysis

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Anne Frank, The Diary of a young girl, this book is about the ups and the downs of hiding in a secret annex. The book has quite a bit that people today can relate to, even though they are not in hiding. One of the main things in this book had difficult times. Each character had his or her own struggles. Anne and her mom do not get along and she does not get along with Dussel (her roommate) Anne’s father, Otto Frank, is relaxed when things are calm but stressed when the place becomes tense. Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan are the people who have to have things their way, but when something goes wrong they panic. Living in secret seems very limited and stressful. They have different rules for each day and night, and when there are people are downstairs working because the workers do not know about the secret annex. Being locked up each person has different household jobs for each day and each family gets a limited number of food rations or food coupons. Some of the rules included; they get up at a quarter to seven and clean everything they slept on because the beds took up all of their days to day living space (Wednesday, 4 August, 1943), at half-past twelve each person goes off to do his or her own thing because of the warehouse workers have left (Thursday, 5 August, 1943). Nowadays, people go insane because they are used to being able to communicate in many ways. Although the older would be fine because they grew up without the many ways of communicating that we as the younger

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