Annie's Story

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Annie’s story

Childhood, we all are going trough childhood. Childhood can be filled with love and happiness, but also sorrow and pain. Some of us think that childhood is a time with no responsibility and almost no sorrow. It is for some of us, a time where being happy and learning by playing almost is inevitable. Sadly, even though every child in the world deserves a childhood like this, it is far from it. Many children, sadly, have more scars than good memories from their childhood. The short story “Annie’s story” is a perfect example for a tragic and wistful childhood. “Annie’s story” is written by Elizabeth Russell Taylor in1997. Taylor
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Page 2 line 10 – “One of the ways in which Uncle Hugo was different from Father was that he looked after himself. He was rather like Mother, he could do hundreds of different things”, and page 2 line 12 - “There was cream cheese that Uncle Hugo had made himself, strawberry ham he’d made from the berries he’d grown, and his freshly baked scones. “Just lick your fingers!” he told me. I suspect his kindness to Annie, because of his affair with Annie’s mother.
Even though Annie looks naive, she actually knows a lot. The affair between Hugo and her mother might have affected her, because of her feel of guilt. The reason behind this feeling lies in the fact, that she once told her parents that she wished Hugo was her father. Page 3, line 36 – “I’m really sorry I said I’d rather be Uncle Hugo’s daughter than father’s”
In the end, Annie kind of discards her mother because of her choice to leave them. This is also clearly seen, when she acts like sleeping when her mother is going to leave.
This short story contains different theme; “Family drama”, Because of the father’s absence and because he is not being a real father to Annie. Another example here would be the mother’s superficial way to be and acting as a “good mother” and their arguments as well and how she abandons Annie and her husband
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