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“Annotated Bibliography”
By: Ada E. Arroyo


1. Randall, R., Cox, T. & Griffiths, A. (2007). Participants ' accounts of a stress 4 management intervention. Human Relations

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6. Thompson, T., Purdy, J. & Summers, …show more content…

The intended audience is human resource and business management students and practitioners.

The main point of the article is that "[organizational] wisdom transcends organizational learning in its commitment to doing the right thing over doing things right" (Hays, 2007, p. 78). This commitment is one of the guiding ideas behind the disciplines the author included in his discussions.

In this article we can see that different disciplines can be combined for a more effective organization development and management change of thinking.

The author teaches classes of management and leadership at the Australian National University, and he is also a practicing management consultant with projects encompassing four continents.

3. Williams, B. (2005). MODELS OF ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT. Futurics, 29 (3/4), 1-22. What is interesting in the article is that a portion of it is devoted in the discussion of the leadership concepts of Marx, Weber, Taylor, Maslow, Lewin, Deming and Juran. As the paper addresses key issues on organizational change and development processes it is intended for practitioners in human resource and also for managers.

This article actually shows how managers could benefit by understanding behaviors and adapt more quickly to

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