Annotated Outline: Applying Nadler and Tushman's Theory to Starbucks

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Introduction 1. Basic theory is Nadler and Tushman 2. The company is Starbucks 3. This is an annotated outline 4. The strategies that Starbucks is undertaking will be compared with the initiatives that Nadler and Tushman have outlined. Annotated Bibliography First Paragraph the Underlying Theory of Nadler and Tushman 1. There are eight strategic imperatives for the 21st century a. increase organizational clock speed b. design structural divergence c. promote organizational modularity d. structure hybrid distribution channels e. Design metrical research & development to enhance organizational capacity for research & development f. Construct conflict management processes g. Develop organizational coherence, something that is important to orgs in a global environment h. Build better executive teams Second paragraph 1. Starbucks follows the recommendations of Nadler and Tushman fairly well 2. The company operates in many spaces within the coffee business, recognizing the need for hybridized distribution a. Coffee shops, grocery stores, institutional sales 3. The 2012 Annual Report outlines these different forms of distribution and how they fit with the company`s org design Third Paragraph 1. Loeb (2013) outlines how the company intends to reach some of its different markets. 2. The company tests out different ideas in different markets, to retain the best ones and roll them out globally. 3. This is `hybrid distribution channels`, as Tushman and

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