Essay on Marketing and Promotion at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

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Marketing and promotion at mandarin oriental hotel group

Marketing and Promotion at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

1.Introduction Page 1 1.1 Aim Page 1
2. Marketing Page 1 2.1 Marketing Orientation Framework Page 1-2
3.Service Marketing mix Page 2 3.1 4ps Page 3 3.2 Mandarin Oriental Hotel 7ps Page 4 3.3 Criticism of the service marketing mix Page 5 3.4 E-Marketing Page 5
4. Promotional Mix 4.1 The Mandarin Orientals promotional mix Page 6-8
5. Competition Advantage Page 8 5.1 Main competitors Page 8-9 5.2 Perceptual
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Kotler and Armstrong (2010). The marketing mix is often crucial when determining the MOGH unique selling points and how to market them correctly.

McCarthy used the ‘4ps’ to define the marketing mix. The ‘4ps’ are shown in the table below (3.1).

|Product |Price |
|Product/service offered to provide benefits |The pricing strategy adopted |
|Promotion |Place |
|How the company will promote services/good to the target market. |Where the company will be located or products and services sold. |

These ‘4ps’ are four decision areas and form a major aspect of marketing and these principles are controllable variables, which have to be carefully managed and must meet the needs of the defined target group. How these variables connect to the target market is demonstrated in Figure 1. The ‘4ps’ are often extended to the ‘7ps’ that incorporates, physical evidence, people and process.
In relation to the MOHG, a diagram below shows the ‘7ps’ for the
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