Anthropogenic Climate Change

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Anthropogenic Climate Change
Brandie Fonseca Informal Logic 103
Instructor John Moore
May 21, 2012

An issue that is felt throughout the world is Anthropogenic Climate Change formally known as Global Warming. This word wide problem is one that needs to be addressed immediately as well as long term. Anthropogenic Climate Change is the rise of the earth’s temperature caused by human activities. The continuing rise in the earth’s temperature will cause extreme change in our earth’s ecosystems. The predetermined course to our ecosystems relies on climate change and its effects on ecosystems and life as we know it is at a vulnerable state. Anthropogenic Climate Change shifts relations with human life and presents severe biodiversity in …show more content…

The estimated cost is that of 1.8 billion dollars (Trouble in Store, 2009). The fact is at this point it is just an estimation and the reality of the cost factor will not be accurate until the carbon capture technology is commercially launched which, is years away (Gunther, 2011). “The International Energy Agency (IEA) reckons the world will need over 200 power plants equipped with Carbon Capture Systems by 2030 to limit the rise in average global temperatures to about 3°C” (Trouble in Store, 2009). People have been aware of the rise in the earth’s temperature and its effects however, many persuaded themselves that there was really no immediate danger as well as, there was nothing one could do to mitigate the issue and felt higher authorities were responsible for outcomes and resolutions (Wearts, 2011). On the contrary there is immediate danger and long term affect to our earth if our earth’s temperature continues to rise. Polar caps and glaciers will melt resulting in major changes in our ecosystems and causing the sea level to rise (McKibben, 2009). Anthropogenic Climate Change has caused the uprising of precipitation intensity and or dry spells, and wind patterns (Giorgi, Coppola, Diffenbaugh, Gao, Mariotti & Shi, 2011). Precipitation intensity up rises due to the increased atmospheric water holding volume. The increase is related to surface evaporation rates ultimately,

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