Anthropology Vs Psychology : Anthropology Versus Psychology

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Many things can happen during childhood, some events much more extreme than others. This reminded me of the passage “Child Custody: Anthropology versus Psychology” from the short story Notes from an Expert Witness. Many households experience a divorce some can be easy and painless, and others can have a large impact on a child’s life. My family fell under that fifty percent, and for better, or worse it has sculpted my childhood and made me who I am today. It all started with typical fighting between parents, nothing major. Soon fights got worse, and the child custody battle began, and this is when my life began to change. It all began with family feuds. I was in third grade, going into fourth when the fights started appearing. I figured they had been going on longer, but this is when they could no longer hide it from my sister and I. It started with short disputes and nothing too extreme, as time passed the fights only got worse and more frequent. It went from my dad sleeping on the couch, to living in our basement, and then to moving onto our boat. The arguments caused issues for myself as well. I was losing sleep because at this age nothing could be worse than your parents splitting up, even if it was for the best. It was a very stressful environment so it was hard for me to get homework done. As the separation ran its course, it took a big chunk out of my confidence at that age. Williams 2
Once the divorce was finalized, moving trucks were here, and out of nowhere my

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