Anti Aging And The Japanese Diet

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Anti-aging and the Japanese diet was a focal point of an article in the May 2011 issue of Life Extension. The Japanese diet is largely comprised of seaweed in which there are specific types that have high content levels of a certain substance referred to as fucoidans. These fucoidan molecules have an important role regarding numerous functions physiologically, and most people on the western part of the globe get very few of them. The Japanese Diet The people of Japan have always been known to consume a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and lots of fish. Along with their "food is medicine" perspective the population there, these two things combined are believed to have advanced them in aspects of anti-aging. Another distinctive key player …show more content…

According to the article the fucoidans are related to halting inflammation while destructing invaders at the same time. Frankly, after reading about these power molecules, I 'm feeling as though we can 't afford not to eat them via seaweed. For more valuable information regarding the Japanese diet and fucoidans, click here.
Following a Paleo diet can allow one to reap enormous health benefits by eating the foods that were familiar to our ancient ancestors. However, this excludes a significant variety of 'Neolithic ' foods that have only been a part of human nutrition as of the advent of agriculture. These foods can impart certain health risks and chronic disease because our genome has not had enough time to evolve in a way that allows us to metabolize them. Here is a list of foods not allowed on the Paleo diet and considerations for occasionally indulging in them. Foods Not Allowed on a Paleo Diet: Grains These were only introduced into the human diet a mere ten thousand years ago during the advent of agriculture. These include breads, pastas, cereals, oats, barley, quinoa, amaranth, etc. Foods Not Allowed on a Paleo Diet: Legumes Legumes contain anti-nutrients called lectins that can create vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as leaky gut syndrome. These include beans, peanuts, chickpeas, green beans, snap peas, etc. Foods Not Allowed on a Paleo Diet: Dairy This is of special concern to people who are not of Caucasian descent, because they

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