Antibiotic Resistance As A Public Health Problem

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Antibiotic Resistance Research Paper

Antibiotic Resistance as a Public Health Problem

Van Bui

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Ms. Zuzana Bic

Public Health Problem
Antibiotic use inevitably leads to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Although most bacteria, which are sensitive, are killed by the antibiotic treatment, there are often a few resistant bacteria that still grow and multiply. This repeated process leads to antibiotic resistance. Not only that, but the problem of antibiotic resistance is perpetuated and worsened by people’s improper and unnecessary use of antibiotics, such as instinctively turning to antibiotic treatment instead of actually assessing their illnesses, not properly …show more content…

This collection was compiled mostly from before antibiotics were even introduced to the public. The collection was transferred from the University of Western Ontario, Canada--where it was originally kept--to the National Collection of Type Cultures in England, which is where it can be found present-day.

Antibiotic resistance is one of the most urgent global public health issues. As a result of this resistance, stronger bacteria equate to less responsive antibiotic treatment. This is almost like effectiveness has plateaued over the years; when antibiotics were first introduced to the public, they were extremely effective, especially for common diseases and illnesses that could have worsened significantly. However, in modern society today, antibiotic effectiveness has been complicated and reduced because of people’s lack of mindfulness. Antibiotic resistance makes diseases and infections harder to cure in communities, especially in low socioeconomic, poorer communities. This is because developing supposedly better and more antibiotics is costlier, so these poorer communities cannot afford the new antibiotics. So even if the richer communities can keep up with the evolution of antibiotics, the rest of the world population that does not financially have such means cannot, leading to a worsening of the public health problem. Common diseases and infections, like the cold, cough, and flu, become harder to treat. Microbes,

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