Antigone Play versus Remarks Essay

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Although the play Antigone was written by Sophocles in ancient Greece, and can be related to essays such as the Remarks at Michigan State published in May 1995. During that, time the world trade center was bombed along with other violent acts across the world with troubles in government leading to security, political changes and social as well. In the play Antigone, the people go through a similar situation where the people are faced with a daunting issue of the main characters judicial trial; which in turn also caused the public to become oppressed by their government, and forced to fall back on their moral beliefs to decide what to make of the situation. That is why the public standing up to problematic government leads to the start of a leader moving beyond their fixed view of the law to progress because of the inability to recognize the public’s standards. In the play Antigone, the female main character finally returns home from a lifetime of wandering with her father only to come home to find out that her brothers die, and that she has to bury them. The only exception is that her brother Polyneices has been denied a burial by Creon; yet she still goes against the law and buries Polyneices anyway. This is ultimately Antigone’s downfall because she is unable to accept the burial is illegal, and to add more turmoil she ends up getting locked in a cave as punishment. Correspondingly, the public doesn’t seem to realize that their paranoia and concern about terrorism

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