Antisemitism And Racism

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Throughout global history, there have been large debates pertaining to people that aren’t accepted as the “ideal” race. These debates are mostly about the ongoing “injustices” of non-Caucasians and the actions that should be taken to ensure the protection of white Christian “values”. Whether they are brown, yellow, or blue, the majority has found horrible ways to prevent minorities from having equal rights as human beings. I have found that people as high up as government officials have even promoted these unjust actions. The holocaust is a prime example. Some of the most common ways they’ve robbed minorities of their humanity are through social exclusivity, which the oppressors have “justified” through racial differences. Realistically, these types of justifications are simply filtered down to racism. Not to mention, I’ve realized that the Jewish community isn’t new to this form of accepted racism. In fact, they’ve experienced such a vast amount of hate that the term antisemitism was coined from their oppression. In my opinion, the terms antisemitism and racism relate through racial thought based essentials such as their supporter’s destructive actions toward people of a different race, their systemic discriminatory nature, and prejudice principles. Furthermore, I have realized that antisemitism and racism are comparable through their supporters’ racially based destructive actions toward those of a different race. In general, there have been a tremendous amount of

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