Anxiety In Nursing Practice Essay

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The prevalence of perioperative anxiety in clients has been estimated as ranging from 11% to 80% (Akkamahadevi & Subramanian 2016). Concern over a clearly high number of anxious people awaiting their surgical procedures has prompted examination of how perioperative nurses might reduce these rates of anxiety.

2. Discussion
2.1 Decreasing anxiety in perioperative practice
D’Alesandro (2015) suggests that health professionals are unable to remove all perceived focus of a client’s anxiety. Although this is true, perhaps the nurse can assist the perioperative client in managing the presenting stressful situation of which triggers or exacerbates anxiety. Effective communication and simple counselling could provide an anxious client with an invitation …show more content…

The application of cultural safety to nursing practice requires the nurse to learn and understand the concept of cultural safety. This process enables nurses to identify and evaluate their own culture, and their influence that culture has on professional practice. When the nurse fails to acknowledge the imposition of their own cultural beliefs on professional practice, clients could be disadvantaged in receiving the culturally safe nursing care that is required (Baker, …show more content…

The perioperative client may experience anxiety due to many factors. These include the reason for surgery, fear of the unknown in an unfamiliar place, body image with possible alterations, loss of control of situation, fear of postoperative pain, and death (Takahashi, 2014). The client may experience high levels of anxiety if perioperative factors remain unresolved. Lengthened episodes of high anxiety may affect the client’s ability to maintain homeostasis peri-operatively (Craft & Gordon, 2012). Clients experiencing extended episodes of anxiety that continue through to the induction phase will require an increased level of anesthesia, in turn increasing the anesthetic risk (Ali et al.

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