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¨ Boom Krack ¨ I hear as I shield my face with my hand. .¨It smells like burning metal.¨ my grandpa said. ¨What was that,¨ my mom said with a worried look in her eyes. We all looked around and see a big red fiery hole that started out a deep red than orange than black it was a pole right in front of us. ¨Why is the pole red.¨ I asked. My mom said ¨ The lightning bolt must have hit the pole, and since the lightning bolt was so hot it melted the metal which made it red. ¨That was a close one¨ my dad said with a sigh of relief. I look up and see a big yellow flash of lightning crawling back up into the sky. I flinch at the site of the lightning bolt. ¨Why did we have to mix my least favorite things together storms and boats.¨ I added …show more content…

The water starts to make big crashing noises along the side of the boat. It smells like rain the air, moist and humid. My life jacket was digging into my side as I was shielding my cousin with my body. ¨ Here comes the rain,¨ my uncle said with excitement in his eyes. I was prepared for it to start with a light drizzle, but I was wrong. I was pounded by millions of little rain drops that felt more like I was being shot at with millions of bb gun pellets. I heard my grandmother start singing ¨ The sun will come out tomorrow bet your bottom dollar yes it will tomorrow there be light.¨ We all look up at her my grandmother never sings, but she had the most beautiful voice ever. It started to make us feel better, but then the rain started to really hurt. I look up and see penny sized hail pelting us. My youngest cousin started yelling at us ¨ Why are you hitting me, stop it.¨ We all looked at her and say ¨ We aren't hitting you it's the rain.¨ We all cover our eyes. It is very hard to see, the rain is soaking us at this point nothing was dry on our bodies. We finally find a spot where we could park our boat while we wait for the storm to be over. We all look around and can see in the distance blue skies. We decided that we should just go full speed ahead to try to get out of the storm. My uncle who was driving the boat started backing up, and then he forgot

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