Ap Psychology Experiment Essay

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This data is reliable as there were multiple trials that were conducted during the span of one class period with no interruptions. The data was also collected in the same way each time and with the controlled variables of strength of gravity and mass of the weight on the string kept to a constant as they were unchanged during the experiment. However, the poor and difficult to use apparatus and the errors in the data show that this experiment is unreliable and cause the controlled variable of the degree of the swing difficult to keep consistent. This data included three trials for each of the lengths of rope and this was done to eliminate the errors in the data. After this raw data was recorded the average was taken of these measurements which allowed for the data to become more reliable. This is because of two reasons, these reasons are the more data that is recorded the less the average is influenced by the mistakes, and the less likely it is to make mistakes. In Figure 1.0 the recorded data was shown and you can see that the data for trial 2 of …show more content…

This was because we lacked a level to keep the apparatus at 90 degrees to the ground and it was difficult to measure the length of the rope whilst tying it up to the stand at different heights. It was a combination of these factors as well as my partner’s focus on the experiments that likely caused the error. This is because during the experiment I would count the number of swings and my partner was supposed to time the length of swings. However, During the experiment my partner got distracted on multiple occasions including on trial 2 for 87.5 cm. This is likely what made the error so much larger than for the other trials. However, it was likely my measuring of the length of rope and the angle of swing which caused the smaller errors as it was difficult to measure the angle by eye and measure the length of rope whilst tying

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