Evaluation Of A Psychology Experiment

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Each researcher in the class interviewed between one to two children within the following age group; 3-5, 8-10 and, 13-15 years old. As a total, there were 33 children involved in the experiment. There were 8 children ages 3-5 interviewed; 4 males and 4 females. There were 15 children ages 8-10 interviewed; 8 males and 7 females. There were 10 children ages 13-15 interviewed; 6 males and 4 females. The participants were selected because the experimenter knew the child they were interviewing. Before interviewing the child, the experimenter asked the parent of the child if it was ok to ask the child some questions for a psychology experiment.
Items necessary to complete the experiment were a computer to type up the responses from the child being interviewed and a phone to call the intended child if the interview was not conducted face to face.
Age groups were assigned based on the people in the class who knew a child within an age group designated by the experiment. From there, the instructor attempted to keep the groups as even as possible so to have even results. Interviews were conducted over the phone or in person. Before the experiment, the prior lab session explained the purpose of the experiment, the procedure, and the interview questions and instructions. The purpose of the experiment was to look at the social cognitive development of children as they grew older by interviewing a child about their friendship. The responses

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