Apes Chapter 11 and 12 Study Guide Essay

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------------------------------------------------- APES Chapter 11 and 12 Study Guide Activities and Labs * The Dust Bowl Video Questions * Silent Spring Video Questions * Formation of Deserts Activities * Formation of Soils Lab Vocabulary 1) Aquaculture 2) Mariculture 3) Agro ecosystems 4) monoculture 5) crop rotation 6) limiting factor 7) macronutrient 8) micronutrient 9) synergistic effect 10) green revolution 11) hydroponics 12) organic farming 13) genetically modified crops 14) eutrophication 15) contour plowing 16) no till agriculture 17) narrow spectrum pesticide 18) biological control 19) integrated pest management 20) terminator gene…show more content…
40) {11.10}Some people argue that we should eat lower on the food chain. Describe these reasons. Others argue that this is a generalization with some exceptions. What is their position? 41) {11.11} What are GMCs? What practices does this involve? 42) What is interesting about legumes? Why are they the focus of genetic food research? 43) {11.12} How might climate change affect agriculture? 44) {12.2} The more altered soil is… 45) {12.3} What caused the dust bowl? How is it a cautionary tale? 46) {12.4} Where do eroded soils generally go? What issues does this cause? Be detailed. 47) What is the rate of soil formation? 48) What two methods have worked very well in combating erosion? 49) {12.5} What are pests? Know the major agricultural pests…both plants and animals… 50) {12.6} What is swidden agriculture? What pest management techniques existed before the industrial revolution? 51) What are the ‘stages’ in the development of pesticides? 52) Why are ‘magic bullet’ pesticides difficult to formulate? 53) {12.7} Describe IPM, and give examples of it in action. 54) {12.10} What causes deserts? 55) How can we prevent desertification? 56) 58) Case Studies Critical Thinking Issues and Working it Out 57) Traditional farming methods (211) 58) Potential future advances in agriculture: new genetic strains and hybrids (212) 59) Will there be enough
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