Analysis of the Film The Rise of the Planet of the Apes Essay

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The movie that I choose to watch is “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes”. In class we learned that primates have different categories. The categories include; movement, reproduction, intelligence and behavior patterns. In the movie, the main ape, Caesar, as well as the other primates in the movie shows examples of these categories. Although, like most modern day movies, some behaviors and characteristics are not true and do not relate to the material that we studied in class.
This film was made in 2011 starring James Franco as the main character, Dr. Will Rodman. The movie takes place in San Francisco, where Will works in a laboratory hoping to discover a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. The main thought in Will’s head every day, is trying …show more content…

Will named the baby ape Caesar, and right away he noticed how intelligent baby Caesar was. The first day that he brought Caesar home, Caesar already knew the correct way to hold a bottle and feed himself. By the age of three, Caesar was doing tasks that normal eight year old children would do. Impressed with the results Will was finding from Caesar, Will takes a chance and steals some of the ALZ-112 from the lab to bring home to Charles. After giving the shot to his father, his father quickly recovered and no longer had any symptoms relating to Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately the medicine did not permanently cure Charles, years later he returned back to his old ways. When Caesar looks outside his window, he sees Charles getting yelled at by neighbor. Protective over Charles, Caesar runs outside and attacks the man, which resulted in Caesar being taken away from his “family” and imprisoned in an ape sanctuary.
While begin in the sanctuary, Caesar along with the other apes are not treated very well. From the mistreatment, Caesar starts to make plans about how to escape. He would draw on the walls of his cage, and think of a route to break free. When the owners son takes his friends into the sanctuary, one boy went over to see Caesar, this gave the intelligent ape to steal the pocket knife that the boy had without him knowing. Caesar makes a tool that helps him to unlock his cage and free himself and the other apes. Caesar leads the

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