Apollo 11 Moon Landing/ Conspiracy Paper

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Sarah Sams Honors English 10/Mr. Brown 10 April, 2011

Apollo11 Moon Landing, Was it Just a Fake? Many accomplishments throughout the years, in the United States have formed our country to a nationalist society. On July 20th, 1969, the Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas received the call, “Houston”, which confirmed the landing of these three astronauts on the moon. Recently though, many discussions of the Apollo 11 mission have astonished thoughts of many Americans. Conspiracy theorists are looking at the Moon Landing as a hoax and one big set up that Americans were fooled into believing actually happened. In 1974, Bill Kasying wrote a book entitled We Never Went to the Moon:
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When the footage was done being aired, it was stored at Goddard Space Flight Center. Records indicate the tapes were moved to the U.S. National Archives in 1970. The reasons are still unknown, but about 700 boxes of the SSTV tapes were returned to Goddard in 1984. After 1984, they were never looked at again, and nobody has any idea of the whereabouts of the tapes. ( NASA loses original tapes of Apollo 11 moon landing) Without all of this evidence how could anyone still believe the landing happened? Well, the answer to that question is, the government kept this secret from Americans and still does. Without investigating this topic, all the information to prove the moon landing to be a hoax is misunderstood. The loss of evidence should also show that NASA is keeping something from all of the citizens in the United States. NASA never made clear plans to return from the Apollo 11 mission. NASA officials stated how long the mission would take, who was involved, when the astronauts would leave and when the astronauts would land in space. NASA never released when the astronauts were to return back from space, or how long that would take. It is suspicious for many people who are just starting to look at the conspiracy because the NASA officials in charge of the mission should have given those plans ahead of time. NASA stated that the tasks would be done in 102 to 103 hours after takeoff, but never said when the astronauts would
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