Was The Moon Landing A Hoax?

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A Hoax for the Folks

Was the moon landing a hoax? Why was America able to go in the 1900s but not today?There are many reasons why the moon landing was faked. Some reasons and examples the moon landing was a hoax are the Van Allen Radiation Belt or the ‘C’ rock. These reasons are proven by a number of sites and people. Most of the facts go against NASA and the “real moon landing”. The moving flag, multiple light sources, props, and duplicate backgrounds have all been analyzed and compared to a series of other tests. The U.S.A flag should not have been moving, because there was no wind or oxygen. Multiple shadows have been spotted suggesting and proving there were stage lights. Even duplicate backgrounds are spotted between multiple …show more content…

The astronaut’s shadows are facing multiple directions , which implicates there were studio lights set up. The astronauts’ shadows were also facing multiple directions, which also suggests multiple light sources other than just the sun. The effect of wires and slow motion editing fake zero gravity. Even props in photographs like a rock with a ‘C’ on it. Duplicate backgrounds are also shown in multiple pictures of different Apollo missions.(Josh Fox) Stanley Kubrick, the supposed director of the hoax, came out to a newspaper and conceded to directing the moon landing. Kubrick was interviewed four days before his death by T. Patrick Murray. Kubrick explains that the government wanted to fulfill “Kennedy’s prophecy”. Kubrick even verified that he had assisted in the making of Apollo 11 and Apollo 12. NASA attempts to push the conspiracy out of the way by saying there was an actor being Stanley in the interview.(Jon Austin) In conclusion the moon landing was fake. It was fake because of all the facts against the moon landing. Kubrick confessed, the space radioactive microwave the Van Allen Belt, and even props. Imagine inventing machine guns in the Civil War. Just ask how NASA was able to go to the moon before nanotechnology. That is why the moon landing is a hoax for the

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