Apostle Paul and The Good News

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E. C. Mitchell
BIBL 110 B11 LUO
Biblical World View Essay
September 15, 2014

Apostle Paul and the Good News
Dr. Elmer Towns and his co-author Ben Gutierrez in their book “In Essence of the New Testament: A Survey” supports the idea and the importance of all Christians grasping the knowledge put forth in the book of Romans. Biblical educators such as Samuel Coleridge and Martin Luther holds Paul’s epistle to the Romans in high esteem (Towns & Gutierrez, 2012). They refer to as “the most profound work in existence and “the purest gospel (Towns & Gutierrez, 2012). These claims are evident when reading Paul’s epistles in the book of Romans, one can feel Jesus Christ’s inspiration in his words and message. In Romans 1:6 -7 …show more content…

He holds no secrets from those who are the open to the Gospel of Christ. It’s safe to say that Romans is Paul’s world view, once captured by the power of Jesus, he devoted his entire being to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul, an evil doer repented and gave his life to Christ. Paul is the example of the miracle of what happens when one accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior. God will pass judgment on those who disobey his calling to live a Christ like life (Romans 2:1-15) yet rewards those who accepts His alignment.
Human Identity and Relationships
Human identity and where we came from has been shared in Genesis (1:26) when God states “lets create them, man and woman in our own image” Paul reiterates the identity of humans and our relationships to each other, when he shares that humans are the descendants of Adam and Eve. He speaks on how sin passed down from generation to generation and that God turned humans over to themselves and their wickedness (Romans 1:26). God sent Jesus to save us for our repentance with the promise to those who choose to follow Him will be saved (Romans 5-6).

Culture and Living

Paul tells us of the culture that God expects of humans, he says God wants humans to live happy and righteous lives in honor of Jesus Christ. Humans should live in the culture of Christ. Treating others well in our deeds. Living a Non-Judgmental life, we are not to judge others. We are to help

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