Appealing Packaging : Alluring Plastic? Fantastic Box? Appearances Of Products

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Appealing packaging? Alluring plastic? Fantastic box? Appearances of products always attract people before they decide to buy. Therefore, most individuals are actually purchasing the “packaging” instead of the real products that they first intended on buying. Hine mentioned, “Packaging are an inescapable part of modern life” (93). However, how can we discover the authentic value from the superficial packaging? Nowadays, the number of goods has increased since the past, there are more choices available for customers. But the abundance of products don’t bring a great convenience to us. There are so many products that people aren’t entirely sure what to choose. Because of this there are so many people who have gone through “selecting syndrome,” which is a term for having so many choices that people are scared to make a decision. Thus, people are more likely to depend on the packaging and advertisement of the products no matter what exactly the product it is. The dependency that people put on packaging and advertising has made people lose their discriminability for products. For example, recently I read in the news about a woman who wants to buy a mask in order to make her face feel better. She was a really big fan of Louis Vuitton and decided to buy a mask from there. She thought that the reason why the price was much higher than others was because the quality of the mask was perfect. Louis Vuitton, is the one of the most famous brands in the world, and the packaging of that

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