Appex Corporation

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EAE Business School. IMBA. Carlos Díaz. APPEX CORPORATION 1. What problems do you observe in the organization before Ghosh arrived to the company? * In spite of the small size of the company, with 25 employees and a potential business because of the new cellular industry, there was a lack of organization and administration in the company. * Everyone was doing just what they felt like, people where arriving late at work, did things on their own time and the customer service was very poor. * The company had a problem with financial planning and the investors needed someone to put control and an urgent structure. * The employees were…show more content…
New strategy: To have control. Option: Traditional hierarchical structure Hierarchical, Functional Structure * Functions organized as teams: Sales/Marketing team, Software development and services team, Engineering and technology team, Operations team, Finances team, HR team, Administrative team. * Issues: How many distinct functional teams? Marketing separate of sales? Finance and accounting and hr teams by separate? Heads of teams? The titles, desk locations, and if the person that was head of the team was the better for that position. * Results: * The team structure succeeded in focusing the company on completing tasks. * Sales people now focused on sales, financial people did financial planning * The structure improved the company’s basic capabilities. * Ghosh was involved in everything. * After few months: * As a natural tendency, the heads of each team created sub-functions within their team. * The organizational chart grew vertically and horizontally. * Appex ended up having to spend more money on system development and operation than previously * Hired managers that didn’t know about the product and it was very difficult
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