Apple’s motivation system

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Apple’s motivation system
I. Why is Apple tops in its industry.
Apple, a technology company that produces smart phones, tablets and portable music players, the retail stories has been in existence since 2001 and now has 394 stores worldwide with over 76100 employees in 14 countries, is considered to be the most successful electronics company in the world. As the most innovative and admired company in the world, what’s the key element of Apple’s success? It’s success owning to its relentless pursuit of customer delighting innovation and its excellent sales group. An innovative organizations like Apple that employees’ (especially those in R&D department) motivation is a key success factor and hence the employees plays a significant role …show more content…

IV. How do Apple’s reward system motivate employees?
It’s not a secret that Apple has plentiful rewards for its employee, however, the aim of distributing the rewards is to get high performance from employees. Then, how does Apple use rewards to get innovation and productivity from employees? I think this question needs to relate to Apple’s corporate philosophy—building a performance culture, which requires significant differentiation based on performance, and it’s clear that in this culture, the top performers and those who are working on mission-critical products are treated significantly differently.

The rewards for motivating top executives
The rewards for executives are stock option and bonus, since stock option, which cannot be sell at one time, as a primary motivator could forces executives to focus on the company’s performance. Because the company’s performance and its stock price are tied tightly up with the money he or she could get. (e.g. Apple rewarded executives with $ 60 million stock granted in 2011 before the launching of iPhone 5)

The rewards for motivating full-time employees
The rewards for full-time employees vary from additional vacation

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