Strategic Analysis Of Apple Inc. Essay

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Strategic Analysis of Apple Inc Introduction It is beyond all doubt that Apple Inc is one of the most successful and well-known companied all over the world nowadays. What’s more, the company is considered to be the leader of the industry The Apple products are of high quality and in high demand on all the markets. Apple services and stores are the gold standards for all the followers and niche players of the industry. Moreover, the majority of Apple customers are extremely loyal to the brands. Once they started using its high-technical products they keep doing it. At the same time the market share of the company is increasing constantly. Probably all the competitors are questioning what is the key to Apple Company’s success. It is important to note that the whole strategy determines the success of the business and the strategic analysis of the company can help to identify the main criteria. Thus, the object of the research paper is to develop a strategic analysis of Apple Inc, including its internal and external environment. External Industry Analysis External environment is quite important for the any company, because it creates the conditions that the organization need to run the business in. In order to develop company strategy successfully, the external environment need to be analyzed properly. One of the best techniques to do that is Five Porter’s Forces analysis. Threat of new entrants is rather low. It is caused by the fact of high barriers of finance. First of

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