Apple Behavior Analysis

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There are several different research designs that are used frequently in Applied Behavior Analysis. These different research designs are very helpful to the behavior analyst in several ways. Behavior analysts look at the behavior that is to be changed, but more so, they look at the close relationship between the stimuli and the behavior that is being changed, as well as the individual whose behavior is being changed (Richards, Taylor, Ramassamy, & Richards, 1999). These methods help the behavior analyst determine whether a particular behavior plan is working well for that individual or whether it needs to be modified. Since the analysts wish to encourage “valuable behaviour,” the behavior that is being targeted will be one that will continue to be reinforced and maintained even after the experimental conditions of the design are withdrawn (Richards, et al, 1999). One such design is the changing criterion design. This design looks at and evaluates the effects of a treatment on the gradual and systematic increase/decrease of a single target behavior (Richards, et al, 1999). This is done by changing the levels necessary to meet contingencies to increase or decrease a behavior. So, the intervention is shown to be effective when the target behavior changes to the predetermined criterion level. There is a baseline phase where baseline data of the behavior to be changed is collected. Then the intervention/treatment phase is divided into subphases, each with its own criterion

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