Apple, Inc. : External Environments

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Introduction Business today are faced with many environmental forces that can have a significant impact on day to day operations. Businesses must be aware of their SWOT’s and devise a strategic plan to evaluate their current market position. Also, companies must set priorities that will allow them to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. This paper will define and discuss Apple, Inc., most significant environmental threats, and how they responded to these risks. This paper will also as examine essential opportunities, and provide an analysis on how Apple can take advantage of their opportunities. Apple, Inc., External Environment Apples external environment has been significantly impacted by its threats as well as the company’s opportunities. Apple is a powerful company that has a full understanding of those environmental factors that influence their business (Alami, 2017). Apples external environment can be analyzed by the company’s social, legal, economic, political, and technological factors (SLEPT). Apples biggest social factor stems from an influx in consumer spending in countries that are unfamiliar with Apple products. It is these markets coupled with the lack of emotional attachment to Apple products by the younger generation that Apple must consider (PESTLE Analysis Contributor 2015). In recent, Apple has experienced significant criticism by many of their customers that their products are expensive and lack style (PESTLE Analysis Contributor 2015). Apple
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