Apple Rhetorical Analysis

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The commercials made for Apple and Thai Life Insurance employ intelligent storytelling, feelings, emotions, audio/visual effects messaging to pass a message there is hope and a chance for everyone who wants to make a difference in life by going down uncharted waters.
This is a rhetorical analysis of the commercials made for Apple and Thai Life Insurance respectively, comparing the techniques each company employs to improve its public image and influence its audience or market. The two ads shall be compared by analyzing the effects of the visual elements, noticeable features of the transcript, concerning core values each ad/company promotes, the way each ad manages time and screen estate, and how they all relate to producing effects. Advertisements usually make pathological, ethical and logical appeals to their audience with the ad creators choosing to emphasize on one or two appeals. The two ads in focus are unique in their own ways with different ideas and messaging. First, a brief description of the two ads is necessary since the contents therein are the focus of the rhetorical analysis. The Apple “1984” ad portrays men marching on a narrow corridor. They appear in a trance and walk like mindless drones. They walk up and take their seats at what appears to be a speech from a “leader.” The …show more content…

For Apple, the ad intends to portray Apple as strong, revolutionary and going against the grain. Through the strong, athletic, colorful woman, Apple portrays itself as a savior coming to free the masses from the bland and mediocre products that its competitors have in the market. Apple, at the time, wanted to venture into the personal computer market, which, in 1984, wasn’t what it is today. The Macintosh was a revolutionary product that went against the market standard. Therefore, the ads main focus was to make the audience see Apple as a company out to buck the trend and offer an

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