Application And Application Of Cloud Computing

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Introduction With the Internet, users have been able to access information faster than ever. Today, users have the ability to utilize cloud technologies to access information and services. Users no longer have to rely on the processing power of their personal computer (PC) to complete task or limit the ability of accessing pictures or document to a physical location such as their hard drive on their PC. The Internet is a large network that is continues to provide more services and opportunities. The Internet is support by a large network of routers, switches, and servers. Understanding how to network terms and utilization will continue to allow business and user to optimize the utilization of the Internet and cloud computing.
Ways users use applications in the cloud in today’s business environment As information technology continues to improve, applications no longer are limited to being installed locally on a physical computer or server. Cloud computing now allows applications be access via a virtual solution knows as the "cloud". There are many essential characteristics of cloud computing such as on-demand access, pay per use, connectivity, and resource pooling (Durkee, 2010). Users must be able to trust the connectivity when relying on access an application over the internet. Today 's cloud servers are connected to high-speed networks that allow data to flow to the Internet. These high-speed networks improve reliability and expand accessibility. Cloud computing offers

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