Application Essay: My Experience As A Medical Assistant

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Hard to believe it is almost a year since I originally contacted you but I find myself in a similar situation as I was last spring. To refresh your memory, my mother and I are good friends with Susan and Beth Solomon. I visited with you back in April of last year in regards to a medical assistant position but at that time I was working on my billing and coding certification along with working on my bachelor's degree and MA classes not quite ready for the externship. I am happy to say that I graduated from TWU over the summer, I have become a certified biller/coder and I have completed all my classroom instruction for my MA certification. While completing all of the tasks I have taken a full time position as a medical assistant at Dallas Associated Dermatologists.…show more content…
I am unable to do my externship with my current employer because at a dermatology office, we do not do some of the required tasks, such as vital signs. The two locations that Richland College has provided me will not work because they do not have evening/weekend hours which makes them impossible since I work full time. I have contacted several of the new free-standing ER centers but since most of those are with major corporations they are not willing to work with me individually. I find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. I cannot quit my job at this point to do an unpaid externship and I cannot finish this goal without the externship. If you are willing and able to work with me, I will do my utmost to make the process as painless as possible since you are obviously doing me a huge
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