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I.R.E.P. Application Essay

Everyone wants to go on this trip. They might not apply, but that probably means their parents said no or they ran out of time to write their essay. So, that leaves the people who care about going, who will stop at nothing to try and get in. Writing and rewriting their essay to make sure it’s perfect, checking to make sure they answered all the questions correctly. So, what is it that makes them want to go? I mean, let’s be real, it’s a week from school at the largest island on the largest freshwater lake. But this isn’t just a no-school no-work vacation. There’s a curriculum going around, and we’re not going to go to this thing and waste our lives swimming and tanning. The real question is who would want to
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Then you’ll be more prepared when you’re an adult, and you can learn even more from experience. I also like to be active. I like to play basketball and volleyball, and my family likes to go to Starved Rock during the summer and hike. Just playing around at recess is so much fun, and, of course, everything’s better with a friend. Let’s see, what are we going to learn here? Well, without looking on the outline, I’d say we’re learning about nature. But maybe we should get a little more specific. I’m sure we’ll be learning about hydroelectric power and solar energy and different animals and whatnot, but I’m also pretty sure the core of this question is what will we get out of it. We’ll learn more about the world around us. Things like what we need to conserve, why we need to, and why we need it. And also what they mean to us and why we need to keep them alive, like trees. We’ll learn teamwork and why we need it. Learning teamwork is going to be pretty mandatory, since we’ll be with another person the whole time. This isn’t a go-off-and-explore-on-your-own trip. We stick together, protect each other and help each other. Another thing we will probably learn is the value of nature and natural resources. Most of us middle-schoolers couldn’t care less about losing natural gas because we’re not the ones who are worried about it. We sit around at home, with the heat on, smelling cookies in the oven, and getting rides to school. This trip
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