Application Of A Voip System

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Kincaid the CIO of Butler University began looking into options to help with the dilemmas of the current system they had in place. The Information Resources group from Butler received approval to start a 3-year plan on the upgrade or convergence of the telecommunications systems and networks. This could result in an upgrade of the Centrex system or the use of an in house VOIP PBX system. If they were to use the PBX system, the university would have control of its features and customization. The main thing was that VOIP was sure to solve the problems they were already dealing with. On the contrary, VOIP was new and it had its drawbacks as well. They feared possible risks of security, example viruses. In addition, proving it useful to new users given it was still subsequently new technology.
Here are some advantages of having a VOIP system in place in a business. One that is most advantageous is that it runs of the internet. Most businesses, if not all uses the internet, so the use of communication is available. Secondly, would the cost savings of using VOIP over the use of a traditional analog system. However, the savings would depend on what services a business uses. Thus, a business should do a cost analysis report so they can get the savings and services they need to make their company more sufficient (Tan, 2011). Another advantage is the multiple ways of communication. Some services are computer based. All one would need is a microphone attached to a computer to…
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