Theory In Nursing Practice

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Application of Theory The role of theory in clinical nursing practice is to guide assessment, interventions, and evaluation of nursing care. Theory in nursing practice provides a rationale for collecting reliable and valid data about the health status of clients, which are essential for effective decision making and implementation. Nursing theory also serves as a guide assessment, interventions, and evaluation of nursing practice. Theories can address important questions for nursing units. Theories can be grand, middle range and practice. Grand theories provide a complex and broad scope and incorporate numerous ways of viewing concepts in nursing. Middle range nursing theories are narrower in scope and offer an effective bridge between grand nursing theories and nursing practice. The Ida J. Orlando’s middle range nursing theory provides a nursing foundation for nursing leaders to utilize both in the management of patient care and leadership. When applying Orlando’s theory, nursing leaders can identify perceptions, thoughts and feelings about patients care, then educate nursing staff on meeting the patient’s needs. The theory combines competent nursing practice and customer satisfaction. Meeting the patient’s needs reduces patient distress levels. Bedside nurses must be diligent and confident of their nursing skills. When provided with great leadership, nurses will feel more confident in their ability to provide quality patient care. The rehabilitation unit frequently

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